The new crypto world is about having fun and exploring exciting new opportunities in gaming, art, NFT's and media. However, coins and tokens housed on traditional blockchains are limiting you in exploring all of the fun things that are possible. Traditional tech is slow, costs a fortune and uses a horrible amount of energy. Fortunately, all of these problems are very solvable.

Shimmer Inu or SHIMU is the first memecoin built on the Shimmer network. Shimmer Inu is fast, free and through application of IOTA technology, almost negligible in energy usage.


Shimmer Inu is community driven. Join us on Discord, on Twitter and on other social media channels, get to know us and engage! The future of Shimmer Inu is in your hands. Everybody is welcome, anybody can join!​ Co-operation with DEX’s and traditional exchanges will ensure Shimmer Inu is easily attainable. As the number of wallets and exchanges are continuously being expanded, you can reach out on Discord for the most current overview.   


Collectible NFT’s! To celebrate our launch in the cryptoworld we created special NFT’s. Trade, collect, print them on a beer coaster to make SHIMU even more awesome! The date and platform of the initial drop will be made available soon.